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 Spillways, swamps, rivers, and cypress to pastures

and pines; our district is a variety of lands, and

with different lands in Louisiana we have different

cultures. There is no other congressional district

that can say that this much diversity lies within its

boundary, and I am proud to say that is uniquely

Louisiana.  Stretching from Pointe Coupee in the

north and over to the edge of Livingston and

Ascension Parishes and down to LaPlace. Then

cut back up to Baton Rouge and Zachary , to cross

the river and travel south to Terrebonne. Industry

and Construction, Oil and Gas,Fishing and Farming,

Business, Sales and Service. And plenty of sun.

My friends, we have it all.

It's time that we fight for it all.


  Louisiana's sixth district

Devin  Lance

I am Devin Lance Graham and I am running from the sixth congressional district seat.  I am an independent candidate, not part of any of the parties.

The parties are holding our country back, fighting with each other to accomplish nothing, and if a piece of legislation actually gets near being passed the bill is loaded with items that have nothing to do with the idea of the subject issue. 

The House is designed to be the with the purpose to be the part of government that is closes to the people.  The members of the House are citizens that represent the people. The intent was not to place family names and old money in the position, but the average Joe to ensure that "We the People" are being represented while ensuring that We are able to keep an eye on the government.

The title of this side of Congress is self explained, House of Representatives. They did not call it the house of leaders. The representative is to be the voice of the people, not to come down from D.C. and explain what they are going to do and to come down to ask what the people would like to have done. Do not get me wrong, it takes a leader to represent the people. Leadership is not able standing high in front of people explaining what you will do, its standing high for the people explaining what we are going to do for our country.

Devin Lance Graham

Theodore Roosevelt

"Believe you can and you’re halfway there."

Vote Devin Lance Graham on November 6th