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Balance Budget Amendment

The Constitution of The United States gives the Powers of the Purse to the Congress. The Founding Fathers did not place a balance budget section in Article 1, nor did they place an amendment requiring the budget to be balanced.


At the time, the country was in high debt from the Revolutionary War. They could not place the Constitution in power and immediately be in violation. 

That time has passed. Our Constitution has stood strong since 1789. We added amendments to ensure that government is kept in its place. We have amendments to ensure all citizens receive justice if treated differently, and grant citizenship just for being born on the right side of the border. All the great things our Constitution provides, yet still no protection for the next generation from the greed and lack of ability to balance a budget.

The United States has always been in debt, with the exception of a short time during Andrew Jackson's administration. It should be a priority of an administration and a congress to present a balanced budget, really a surplus. Instead, we have added to the debt every year and passed it down to the next generation to figure out.

Let's solve the issue. Pass a 2/3 vote in both houses and send it to the states to ratify. If the states do not ratify, then we can say its the people. ​​