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Education is the most valuable gift that we receive in this country. It is not free, it is

a gift to the children and the parents from all within the community. However, the

federal government decided in 1979, that it too needed to rear its ugly face in every

students daily education. The federal government, since the early days of the FDR

Administration, has found ways to place their foot on the heels of the people in every

way they deem legal. Unfortunately, the past generations thought of government

intervention as assistance, only to learn the trade off of big government is less

freedom and abilities. Education is no stranger to this overreach.  

 Education belongs to the states. The federal government should continue to have a

standard for subjects of English Language Arts, Sciences, and Mathematics.  These

standards are just to ensure that every student will have a basic foundation to

journey into their adult life. The idea of having a bureaucrat (many who have never

taught in a classroom) instruct school boards, administrators, and teachers on the

correct method to educate our students explains why we have failing schools and

students throughout the whole United States. The Department of Education should

fit in an office the size of a school gym compared to the offices it currently resides.   

Education can be great again. 

 Empower each school district, empower each administration, empower the teacher. Bring the joy back to education, a teacher held by the restraints of bureaucrats forcing a method that studies claim to be the best fails if the teacher and student cannot implement the model, or if the school system cannot afford the necessary changes to apply the model. Placing a standard for the fundamental subjects that are required to bring a student into success in life should be the only requirement from Washington D.C.  Outside of that standard, allow the states to educate their students on the curriculum that best serves their students. 

Education also needs to be looked at differently.

 Education in the Elementary, Middle and High School levels should be the time for a student to learn everything about life. There once was a time when a student learned properly how to add and subtract, then take that same knowledge and measure a piece of wood to build a bird house. We removed education as a whole from our schools to only teach college preparation courses.  Basic Education should include English Language Arts, Mathematics, Sciences, and History at each level of grade school. However, this is the moment we should additionally be teaching the students the fundamentals of life, involve basic life education and basic home education. 


Higher Education is no stranger to this overhaul.

 A student exiting school in high debt is a tragedy. The idea of requiring a person to take classes that will not carryover to their career fields in order to receive a diploma is the problem. Although, these classes can be great electives and knowledgeable, the idea is that everything comes at a cost, each class is a cost, to a persons finances and time.  Universities, colleges, and community colleges serve one true purpose, specific field educating and training. The base of the problem is requiring students to spend, both time and money. Four years on a campus to walk out with a required amount of hours in electives and secondary classes to the program of their field in order to receive a diploma.  Education of the required classes and subjects of that field. No architect has ever been able to not complete a building's design because they did not know who was the President of the United States in 1812. 

                      My friends, we have it all. It's time that we fight for it all

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