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Before the Declaration of Independence was signed, we have debated on how government should affect the citizen it governs.

The Constitution is the foundation of our country, our government, our economy, our life. We reserve the freedom to change our laws and when needed to add new amendments to the Constitution. Over the years since 1789 we have proposed 33 amendments, with only 27 becoming ratified. The first ten, Bill of Rights, were inserted to ensure the people that they were the masters of government, guaranteeing personal freedoms and rights.

Freedom of Religion, Speech, Freedom of Press, Assembly, and the right to Petition.

Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Right to not have to quarter soldiers and seizures

Freedom from unreasonable search and seizures

Freedom from self incrimination and no double jeopardy

Right to an attorney

Right to a jury

Guarantee of rights

Rights of States and People---  Federal Government Over Reach

The fact is, everyday our federal government encroaches in our lives.  From limiting speech with the Espionage Act of 1917, the 16th Amendment becoming an invasion of privacy, gun policies, the Patriot Act with unwarranted phone taps searches and seizures, and the Affordable Health Care Act. We the People have lost our basic idea of government.

There are many issues, but we need to start with some basic ideas.

        Restore the 10th Amendment- Put the states back in control of their citizens.

                      We do well by having Federal Laws preventing discrimination, abolishing unhuman practices, ensuring freedom for all. That is the federal

                      government playing its part in the American citizen's life correctly. It is not the federal governments jo