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Immigration and the Border



A country should protect its borders by all means

necessary. We need a strong border. We need

a wall. Every administration has promised to

solve the immigration issue. They built fences,

placed barriers, strengthened Border Patrol, and

even sent your tax dollars as aide packages to

help strengthen the local economy of other

countries in hopes to deter migrates from risking

their lives to travel to our country.

We have enough laws on the books about

immigration. It is not another law we need.

We need to use the laws currently on the books

and handle to situation, deportation. We in the

country are all children of immigrates and we do

not believe that immigration is wrong. We are

though, a nation of laws. Laws that can be easily


The crime begins the moment the person crosses the border illegally. Facts

are facts. There is no such thing as a law abiding illegal immigrate. The words cannot exist in the same sentence.

There are many people who are here illegally in our country who are not the stereotype portrayed on television and in the news, that is a fact. In the construction field there are many immigrates that are here

just to make some money and live the best life possible. That is great. Under our current laws, that person too can register as a guest worker and pay taxes just as all else are required. These laws can be easily enforced if all will easily cooperate. That utopia is not happening though. 

Read about my consumption tax approach.

The issue at hand is not the single construction worker coming to find a happy life. The border is a enterprise. Drug smuggling and human trafficking are the top two. Knowing that drugs also come into our ports and dropped from planes is a given, but the human trafficking is a major issue. Giving people the hope that as long as they can get to the border they can have an American life is just advertising a lie. The erection of a wall can help put a stop to the people jumping on trains, joining caravans, and paying smugglers to escort them north. We need to tell and show the countries of South and Central America that the border is closed for just walking across.  

Immigration from other countries also needs to be addressed. We are a nation built solely on the values of