Improve Interstates and Transportation

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Transportation is more than roads and cars. Transportation is moving people mostly, but in Louisiana it is also moving boats, barges, and water. 

Airports seem to always be forgotten when it comes to transportation. Our airports, all over the country, are extremely behind with the times. 


Louisiana Roads

The Interstate and Defense

We need solutions, not stories and speeches.

When it comes to improvements of roads, we mostly think of new pavement and lines.  Many of our roads do only need new black top, fresh paint. That is the roads that the state and local governments can handle. We need to look at solutions to bring us out of the 1930 road paths that are already in place. Solutions that seem extreme but help all in the area.

Interstate Improvements 

Interstate 10      Widened from Texas to Mississippi with a Three Lane Minimum.

                            Widening roadway to have two travel lanes coming off the Mississippi River Bridge.

                            Removal of Washington St. exit.

                            Widen for the additional lane to continue from bridge to Acadian.

                            Removal of Perkins Rd. ramps.

​                            Widen for additional lane to allow two entrance lanes from College, additional lane to exit at Essen. 

                            Continue the widening through Ascension and to Kenner.

                            Continue the three lanes off the bridge west to Texas State Line.

                            Service roads parallel to the interstate for exit and entry ramps. Generally used as ONE WAY traffic roads. 

                            The best improvements to be made to this interstate system are projects that relieve the need for local use. 

Interstate 12      Widened from Satsuma to Slidell with a Three Lane Minimum.

​                            Service roads parallel to the interstate for exit and entry ramps. In rural setting can be used for two way traffic.

Interstate 49     Complete the interstate system. 

                           Connect with 310 and the West Bank Expressway.

                           Continue building the West Bank Expressway to 310, connecting all three bridges.

                           Build over the swamp on elevated roadway and connect to area already to interstate standards. 

​Interstate 110   Rename and designate a pathway for Interstate 51

​                            Connection of Pine Bluff, Arkansas using U.S. 61 and U.S, 65 as corridors of interest.

 Four Lane, Divided, Minimum Crossings, Signals, Access

La 1               White Castle to Donaldsonville

U.S.190         Denham Springs to Covington

La. 22            Springfield to Interstate 55, Ponchatoula to N. Causeway Blvd.

La 3127        Donaldsonville to Killona

​La. 3125       La. 70 to La. 3213

La 70             Donaldsonville to Morgan City, Sunshine Bridge to La. 22

La. 63            U.S. 190 to La. 444

La. 69            White Castle to La. 70

La.44             Prairieville to Gonzales, Interstate 10 to Sunshine Bridge

La. 3213        Veterans Memorial Bridge to La. 3127

La. 10            Interstate 55 to U.S. 61, U.S. 61 to JJA Bridge, JJA Bridge to La.1 

We cannot only WIDEN ourselves out of this mess.

We must build new roads, highways, and freeways.

Rivers, Ports, Canals

Dredge the Mississippi from the mouth to Baton Rouge.

​Create a travel path for Mississippi traffic across the bend at Morrisonville.

Open areas of the Mississippi south of Alliance on the west bank and Caernavon on the east bank 

Repair the Army Corp. of Engineers Amite River weir.

Dredge the Amite River from Florida Blvd. (U.S. 190) to Lake Maurepas 

Dredge all the rivers south of U.S. 190 to the lakes. 

Open canal systems between the Mississippi River Lake Maurepas and Pontchartrain.

Build another port to service the river in between St. Gabriel and Interstate 10

We cannot continue to do the same.

Over development of the flood plains demands the rivers to be clean.

The levees have dried the moist soil to create a sinking Louisiana.

Water commerce struggles to get to their destinations due to traffic and river stages.


The Louis Armstrong International Airport. An out of date and out of touch facility. 

The airport is finally building new terminals to accommodate the needs of the people. 

The airport is owned and operated by the City of New Orleans.

We need to look at the future. 

This airport's location is not helping the area surrounding it. 

We need to consider new opportunities for our air traffic.