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                 My friends, we have it all. It's time that we fight for it all

Vote Devin Lance Graham on November 6th

​​Representative - A Person Chosen to Act or Speak for Another or Others.

    Independent - A candidate or elected official with No Ties to a Political Party

The hope is that we elect folks from home to go fight for us, the fact is that when the candidate gets to D.C. the party wraps their arms around them and every speech becomes a part of the past.  The Two Parties are not representing the people any more.


        Independent Thinking with No Party Attached

              I believe in the real issues. Issues that the people see and feel every day. Not the news head line on a daily bases. 


               Coastal Erosion - A very unique issue here at home.                                       Veterans - A commitment issue.

               Transportation - A daily issue here at home.                                                  Federal Government Overreach - 10th Amendment.

               Social Security -  A real truth that we must face.                                            Term Limits - A way to preserve government.

               Social Welfare - A way of life we must change.                                              Immigration - All immigration must be conditioned by law.

               Respect for Life - An American Issue.                                                           Consumption Tax - A fair taxation.

               National Security - A idea of comfort and safety.                                            Trade - A reality of the cost of Free Trade.

               The 2nd Amendment - A  conversation.                                                         Balanced Budget - A wrong of life.

               Energy Independence - A requirement.                                                          Heath Care - An Insurance Issue.

               Jobs and Job Security - An Unbalanced Life.                                                   Education -  A Growth for the Nation.  

One Solution for Several Issues


  Looking at these issues individually, there is much work to be done.  One of the issues not listed above would be the fact that we do not try and find solutions to multiple items, instead we tackle them one at a time and fill the solution with regulations and loop holes. Solve the issue with veterans health by allowing our soldiers to go to their local community hospital while placing health care in the states control and getting the federal government out of the health care business, an idea that the Tenth Amendment clearly explains.

  Consumption Tax and Balance Budget would play hand and hand.  The Consumption Tax would be a monthly tax stream and all consumers in the country would play their part, therefore more tax payers to the federal treasury.  The tax would generate more collections and save the cost of the IRS which would become obsolete.  Placing more money in the pocket of the citizen allows them to purchase more consumer goods, with every purchase a tax is collected for the federal government. The key part to the legislation would be an amendment to our constitution requiring the federal government to have a balanced budget by the end of every fiscal year.  

In Closing

More legislation is no solution. There are plenty of laws written for our people. The idea that more new laws are needed only leads to more limitations on our freedoms. Enforcing our current laws would be a start on the right path.  The problem with new legislation the title of the bill looks good to the public's eye, however, the body of the legislation is jammed with items that have nothing to do with the purpose of the title. The two parties pack the bill with several amendments that destroy the goal at hand. The reason, two parties will not pass a bill unless they fell as though each party won. Leaving us, the citizens to lose.  A final statement, as a citizen, we all need to remember who that congressman serves. The party may throw money into commercials and ads, but it is the people that have to elect that member of Congress. Elect a representative, not a party.