The Federal Government continuously attempts to limit the Rights of the People. Limiting gun votes, limiting speech and press, holding back churches support of policy and parties, limiting assembly, illegal searches, entrapment, and federal over reach surpassing the 10th Amendment.

An Opinion

      Take back Our Rights. Take government back to its 68 square miles. Cut spending for the departments of over reach. Shrink the Departments of Education, Commerce, Labor. Limit the Army Corps of Engineers from prevent public progress, the Transportation Department form taking our taxes to Washington DC for us to beg for them back, and the IRS from threating us to pay taxes under penalty. 


     The idea that one person shall be allowed to reign over our congressional district or as a senator of the state, has held our Republic hostage and the people unrepresented. The intention of this body is so that the people can have a voice. As views and values evolve, so should government. The thoughts and needs of yesteryear may not be the views and wants of today.

An Opinion

     Placing term limits would allow the voices of the people as a whole, not just a group.

     We have sold the future of so many already and we continue to do it daily. This is an unforgivable crime that the future generations will suffer from dearly. IT'S TIME WE TIGHTEN UP AND STOP OVER SPENDING.

An Opinion

     We must pass an amendment to our Constitution requiring a Balance Budget and Reduction of Nation Debt.

     Taxation has aggressively increased in the 105 years since the 16th Amendment was adopted in our Constitution. The federal government demands more and provides less to the working citizen. We have spent ourselves into a hole so deep that there is zero light at the top. Both parties only have one answer, spend more. Spending our way out of debt will never work and it is not the answer. 

An Opinion

    Repeal the Sixteenth Amendment to our Constitution. The first article of the amendment will repeal the sixteenth. The second article will allow Congress to levy a consumption tax on all goods sold. Consumption tax is a sales tax on the goods purchased. This tax is fair across the board. A person is only taxed on the goods they purchase. If you do not spend, you do not pay.​

     The idea of having a bureaucrat, many who have never taught in a classroom, instruct school boards, administrators, and teachers on the correct method to educate our students explains why we have failing schools and students throughout the whole United States. The experience of education is lost to grades and test scores. The follow up to graduating high school is a student attended an over priced college that forces the student in subjects that serve no purpose to the curriculum of the degree. Forcing students in non essential classes to fill the hours required by the school. The student exits school in high debt and four years gone. 

An Opinion

       Bring education back to the States.

      The federal government maintains a standard for English Language Arts, Sciences, and Mathematics. 

​     Empower each school district, empower each administration, empower the teacher. 

     Involve basic education, basic home education and fundamentals of life in the Elementary, Middle and High School levels.. 

​     The idea of requiring a person to take classes that will not carryover to their career fields in order to receive a diploma is the problem. 

     We all know that welfare is not just buying food for the hungry, nor the hungry buying only essential needs. The current rules have encouraged people to not marry in order to get a tax cut or college assistance, live outside of their means, and down right abuse the system. Thus, crippling the systems intended purpose, making it harder for the person in need to receive assistance, and labeling them negatively.  

An Opinion

    ​   A complete over haul, from the way the system assist the people to the items approved for purchase.

     Limit support to basic groceries, utilities, mortgages/rents, and health assistance..

       Bring it back to the states to be handled as they see fit and audited so that abuse can be limited.

     Provide better assistance in helping people return to the workforce 

Stealing from future generations is immoral. The Social Security trust fund has steadily gone down, year by year, and with smaller working populations to fund the program; it's future looks bleak.  

An Opinion

       Reform and revise the entire Social Security program 

The border is an enterprise, drug smuggling and human trafficking being the two biggest. Not enforcing our current laws, and even granting leniency
has created free advertisement for all illegal enterprise's. Deportation on its own is not enough, they will just simply come right back, knowing that's the only punishment.  
An Opinion

           Enforce current Laws

        Build a wall

         The Veteran Affairs was created in order to help and support our veterans but they are no longer successfully aiding our veterans. A veteran should not have to fight to receive their benefits, especially those who have already fought for their country. That is unacceptable for our veterans and from a company whose sole job is to aid them.    

An Opinion
Reorganize Veterans Affairs
Support VFW Halls 
Work with Wounded Warrior Programs

Reduce the number of homeless and unemployed Veterans

      The War of Drugs has only brought our people into the life of being a criminal. The land of the free has more people in prison than any other nation. Many of these folks originally were imprison for minor possessions. The corrects system has failed. 

An Opinion

      End the War on Drugs and the imprisonment of our citizens for non violent crimes.

      The prohibition of substances is an over reach by the federal government unless an amendment is passed by congress and ratified by the states.       The states can handle these issues and the imprisonment of its people.


     ​National Issues

​Entitlements and Welfare

                  My friends, we have it all. It's time that we fight for it all
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Our Military and Veterans

Taxes and the IRS

Term Limits for Congress

Immigration and the Border



​Protect the Bill of Rights

End the War on Drugs



Balance Budget Amendment

Social Security

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