Our Military, Our Veterans 

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Veterans have served our great nation for hundreds of years and we should help them with the needs that they require. It is what is right.

We have thanked them, but in many cases that was the only thing we have ever done, and many had to wait decades to even receive that much after serving in Vietnam.  

Every day there is a veteran sleeping on the street, being told to wait before seeing the doctor, or dealing with mental health issues. We only look back when one decides to take his life and say little things. Every veteran has suffered something that many of us will never know, and never have to know thanks to their service. 

Thank a Veteran, that is a start.

After that, help a Veteran. 


Reorganize Veterans Affairs

Support VFW Halls 

Work with Wounded Warrior

Just sit on the porch swing and listen

Our troops have been serving in the longest war effort in our history. 

We need to be thankful for all the lives given to this cause, but it is 

time that we find new solutions. Boots on the ground, caskets in the

ground, mental health issues and limbs amputated is not the answer.  

It is hard to win a war when a whole generation of the other side only knows war.

Look in the past, learn the answers from the past. The Middle East was once

a place on progressive policies, what changed? Teach that religion is not government.

Stop forcing our beliefs on others, step aside and allow them to see our real life styles.

Our military is a great force. Supporting a strong, well armed military is important.

Our military's failure lies in the contracts and mishandling of tax payers money. 

We have men and women that are trained to handle any task, maybe we can provide 

them with task of normal life. Let our service members tend to the bases, camps, and 

vessels. We do not need to allocate a million dollars to paint a building of dorms. We 

spend millions teaching service members how to enter civilian life after their career has ended,

maybe the task of civilian life would help them adjust. How nice would it be to give

the funds to renovate a dorm to the service members on the base compared to a

contractor who has been lobbying in D.C.