Protect Social Security 

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The way to protect the program for the people who have paid their lives to fund the program is to end the program of future use. Stealing from the future is immoral. 

The Great Depression is the moment when the country, the world, stood still. 

The economy had grown and the everyday man was working, money was flowing down from the top. The everyday man placing money in banks, investing, waging a dollar for a profit. 

But it came to a stop. Quick.

The market tanked and the every day person ran to get their money out. Learned it was not there for them and they lost bigly. The federal government had tried to get in the pockets of the everyday man in the past, but this was the first time that the people asked the government to come shield them. Mr. Franklin D. Roosevelt was the one to save the country. 

One of the tactics to save the country, was to take from every working man equally. This retirement plan would allow the current workforce to pay for the exiting workforce. It seemed so simple. We learned many years later that simple is not the issue. We now know that we were stolen from, every dollar sent the Social Security is worthless. There is no money for the program to continue, yet every one entering the work force is stolen from, every hour worked is not an hour earned. We need to end the program as it is set up today.

A restructure of the program could save the way it is suppose to be used today.

       End collection of all new people, individuals, entering the workforce.

       Remove any tax collections of current social security.

       Structure the age and percentage of funds. 

​       End the program for the future generations.

       Funding the current recipients can be funded through a sales tax.

                                     (TAX OVERHAUL, Consumption to replace Income tax)

Recipients are affected. We would continue to fund all workforce participants 45 years old and above. The percentage of receipt will vary and is based on age. Health may be a factor. Possible buy out program may be offed as well. Details are only opinions, but we must stop stealing from the future.