Bobby Jindal and Garret Graves developed a plan to restore the coast.

It was spend 50 Billion taxpayers dollars over 50 years. 

Turns out, that is a lot of studies. And studies show that studies are _______________ .

                                                                                                               (Fill in the blank.)

The coast is not eroding because of sea levels are coming up, not because we did not toss in enough Christmas trees this year. The problem is that the life of the coast was stolen in the 1930's with that big pretty levee and the federal government knew the issuewould occur. The federal government assured Louisiana that funds would be set aside every year to combat the coastal erosion. The river would be studied (favorite word) and the silt would be deposited as needed, the barrier islands to be saved and the fine folks would have no worries. Government is no answer. 

We need to look at the areas where we can remove the levee system of the river and allow the silt to naturally deposit as needed and move around with the changing tides and bayous. The idea can done easily. Some protection levees will need to be placed in some areas or relocation will need to be performed. Saving the coast is not just one person's problem. It is Louisiana's problem. Fighting the idea of relocation for preservation of the land does not make sense. If nothing is done, the land may not be there to fight for in a few years. 

The canals that industry cut into our marshes must be shut off. Salt water pushes in and kills the vegatation, the moist land weakens. Every tide to come in and back out, every stroke of a wave, we lose. Shutting the canal off from direct access to the gulf would prevent the direct flow of the salt water. Industry is a part of Louisiana and the goal is not to attack, but to note the problem and solve. Forming new canals that are more east to west and back patterns would slow the water and create a mix, which we love in Louisiana. This idea with the river openings would allow the silt and sedimet to grab on and grow our Louisiana again. 

Rebuild Our Coast

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