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     The 1930's gave Louisiana and the Mississippi River Valley the levee system along the mighty river. The levee system's goal was to

protect the people and lands along the river from flooding.

     The issue is the levee system in Louisiana cuts off the silt and sediment needed along the coast and in the marsh lands. The river is

cut off from Louisiana's natural drainage system. Our lands are drying and sinking, our marshes are contaminated with salt water which is killing all life. With every tide coming in and going out, every wave hitting on the soil. We lose a little more.


     Open key points in the levee system and allow the water and sediment mixes to enter the swamps and marshes. Allow the river to

act as intended before the levees controlled and kept the waters out of our lands that depended on the yearly rejuvenation. We can save the coast if we act together, in a few more years there may be no land to fight over. 


     The 10th Amendment passes the powers that stated within the Constitution to the individual sovereign states.

     The federal government limits states and local authorities of the duties to the people by placing federal jurisdiction on matters not defined within our Constitution. The Federal government has its hand in education, transportation, health care, and your paychecks. 


     Limit the over reach of the federal government and defy the mandates from Washington D.C.

    The corps' mission is to "Deliver vital public and military engineering services; partnering in peace and war to strengthen our Nation's security, energize the economy and reduce risks from disasters." Established by George Washington in 1802


     A great federal over reach. The COA has prevented, placed holds, and dragged out permits for years on many local drainage and

transportation projects for the people. Essential public projects should not have to go through the bureaucratic hurdles. When taxpayer dollars are being used to build or dredge, then taxpayers dollars should not be wasted on permits from a federal agency. 


     Limit the COA to its responsibilities, the construction and design of major projects. The states and local governments shall be in control of their individual needs of the people and projects for the people. 




    The Interstate and Defense Highway Act gave way for Interstate 10 and 55 . Later added 12, and much later the authority to develop Interstate 49, still incomplete on the southern end. Louisiana once had historic records for roadways. Airline was the longest divided four lane highway without a toll and roll free, limited intersections requiring stopping.  The longest bridge in the world, we still have many bridges in the top ten longest. We built a bridge in Baton Rouge lower than the boys in D.C. allowed to make sure we kept our river's commerce in our state. 

​     Louisiana still holds records, many are not positive. Our state has a 13 billion dollar plus backlog on road improvements alone. Transportation is not only pavement. We have locks that are becoming dated, rivers that are silted in preventing use, ports that cannot support the demand. Airports demanding updates or services to be discontinued, while also having to meet federal safety guidelines.

     The federal government collects 18.4 cents on gasoline and 24.4 cents on diesel sales per gallon. The states then beg for money from the federal government for road improvements to key highways and interstates. An easy solution would be to allocate half of federal collections back to the state for limited use to Interstate Highway, US Highways, and roadway with traffic counts of 20,000 cars per day. Apply the same idea to jet and aviation fuel to develop and fund improvements of major airports and their infrastructure throughout the state.


     Renovating is not always the best use of the tax payers dollars.  It is easier, safer, and more efficient to go out in the nothingness and build something new. Not every existing road way needs to have four lanes, move the traffic on to a new roadway just a bit out of the way and limit access and connections.

     Our highway have become pot hole covered, asphalt parking lots during the traffic hours. The only solutions that DOTD has developed are to add a traffic light, put turn lane, lets destroy everything to put a divided highway while the people still drive onthe unstable lanes. It does not work.

     Build new roadways off the current path. Roadways that cut through the fields, over the waterways, and even elevated through the swamps. Get away from the current issue and create new opportunities. Take a look at the path used to build Airline Highway, or even the Interstate systems outside of cities as an example. Travel through areas of nothing and place limitations of access. 


      Our police services need to be improved. Its not that the police powers are the enemy, however, many feel that they have become their enemy. The truth is that the local services have lost their way. The local police force knew the citizens in some type of manner. The feeling of speaking seems to hold some type of fear. The average citizen only communicate with the police forces in two forms, pulled over or something wrong at home. Police should not be only a force in a community, but should be a friend of the community.

     We developed all the police services into small forces. It has become a problem. In many communities the local police officer or deputy is not from the community that she or he is protecting. The officer does not know the neighborhoods and communities on a personal level. Instead the officer is more of an outside enforcer. On top of the officer being a stranger, we have jurisdiction overlapping issues and increasingly larger force numbers in most of the state and the nation. The people do not know who is in charge. The final straw is that the chiefs and sheriffs cannot discipline their officers and deputies because of the union's overreach into the departments and how they operate. 

     We need to use better community police methods. Bikes, neighborhood walks, more warnings for violations compared to tickets.              The local authority needs to be the policing authority unless service assistance is requested.  

     Unions need to be removed from the discipline of all government employees, most importantly the police powers. 


       Our state has an amazing history, one that is not taught well in the classroom. History is learned by speaking with the people and knowing the land and culture. We are fortunate in Louisiana, we have a different culture almost every ten miles down the road or just across the water. We cannot limit our history to New Orleans founded, Louisiana sugar cane and slaves, Civil War, Jim Crow and segregation, and dirty politics. Louisiana has a rich history. International borders shape our state, our bayous and swamps made the people their riches thanks to a river, battles that formed a country.

     We only use history as a negative, people who never lived a second in the shoes of the people before them use the past as a reason for the world. There is no doubt that the ignorance of the past has held some generations behind, that is a fact. However, in this time the only person that can truly hold a person back is that person. We need to stop being our own problem.

     Educate all people of all ages of the history of Louisiana. Be proud of the past, no one in our great country has less than our people of the past. Race and gender is not the issue of our time. Today it is ignorance verses will. Learn yourself and be proud of your journey.  

       Louisiana is the Sportsman's Paradise, fishing, hunting, or just enjoying the outside. However, we have over developed our lands, polluted our waters, dried our swamps and marshes, and sold our waterway rights to the highest bidder. Our tidal waters are gated off, our local authorities and governing bodies are fighting for the rights of corporations and the people. 

      ASolution is not simple, but it starts with bringing people who care about Louisiana and the future of the Sportsman's Paradise to elected post. When the representative sides with the money instead of the people, get his ass out of the way and bring in the new person to represent the people, not the corporations. We need a representative who can help, not someone who wishes they could help.

Improve Interstates, Highways and Transportation

                       My friends, we have it all. It's time that we fight for it all

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