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Taxes and Spending




     How is it just to tax a person's life? 

Its not about rich and poor. A person sells their time for money, and the government feels it has the right to reach in and take from a persons life in the mix of the exchange. The issue of using federal tax collections to fund and operate the government is that it will never be just, the people receive less while the government receives more, and our country is at a debt that can never be paid off. Taxation has aggressively increased in the 105 years since the 16th Amendment was adopted in our Constitution.

     What are we spending it on that we cannot cut out of the budget?

     Where is my receipt?

The federal government does need money in order to operate. We have spent ourselves into a hole so deep that there is zero light at the top. Both parties want to spend our way out of debt, it does not work. We the people need to stop sending the money to Washington D.C. and stop allowing the government to steal our lives.

     So how do we accomplish this?

Consumption Tax

A sales tax based on the goods purchased is the solution to fund the government. This tax is fair across the board, a person is only taxed on the goods purchased. If you do not spend, you do not pay.Removing the Sixteenth Amendment would take the Federal Government out of the pockets of the citizens. The lack of need for the IRS now allows us to cut spending on the cost of that nice big building. The local Sales Tax and Use Authority located in every parish and county around this nation would collect the tax and send the funds to the United States Treasury directly.