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​Term Limits on Congress is a necessary action that we the people need to place in our Constitution as an amendment. The idea that one person shall be allowed to reign over a congressional district or as a senator of the state has held our Republic hostage and the people unrepresented. The point of this body, our legislative branch, is for the people to have a voice. As views and values evolve, so should government. The thoughts and needs of yesteryear may not be the views and needs of today. 

Placing terms limits would allow the voices of the people as a whole to be heard, not just a group.

In Louisiana we are blessed to have an open general election. If you can qualify for the race, you can run. Fifteen people ran for this seat in 2014. That race ended with no one receiving the majority, resulting in a run off between the top two in December.  While we have it figured out in Louisiana, most states only allow one person from a party to represent that party in the race. That system is how we have the same people in office for decades and decades. The money is the winner, not the people. 


An Idea on Term Limits

House of Representatives
     Five Terms, each term is two years.
     No member shall serve more than eleven years.
     Terms do not have to be consecutive.

     Three Terms, each term is six years.
     No member shall serve more than 20 years.
     Terms do not have to be consecutive.

This is plenty of time to serve the people, give every promise a try, and go home to a better state because of the achievements you helped bring the people.