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Congress should be a branch of government that changes.

The life long politician is the issue in our government.

Members in the Congress that have served for two decades

promising that they are fighting for you, meanwhile they live in

Washington D.C. full time.  The issues at home are having to

be sent to them over email.  Their connection to the people has

been lost.  

Here is a new law that I will offer, a law that does not limit the

citizens of the country, but ensures that representation is fair

for all citizens.


     The House 

      A member of the House of Representatives shall serve no more than SIX TERMS,  members of the House of Representatives serve a two year 

        term as they do now. The House is designed to be the people's voice in the government, to have the people watching and checking in on the

        government. The every day man or woman representing the everyman back at home. The fact is that we have folks that have been in the

        House for decades, with millions in their donors box keeping them in office for their donors. 

    Six terms would allow a representative 12 years to help and serve their people. 

    The Senate

    A member of the Senate shall serve no more than THREE TERMS, members of the Senate serve a six year term.  The Senate is

       the equal representation of each state to D.C.  Each state having two people to represent the state. The Senate reigns more power directly to

       the administration compared to the House. The Senate has a voice in the Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, Supreme Court Judges, and all other appoints by the 

​       president.   The Senate maintains a relationship with the Vice President, who presides over the Senate.

   Three terms will allow a senator to serve for 18 years, that is long enough to serve the people of their state. 

The job has a salary of $174,000.00 plus benefits.  The job was originally designed to be a part time job and that is a high salary for a full time job, much less a part time job. In this bill that I would propose in my first days representing you.  When it gets shut down in committee, I will like to visit all the states' legislations to get a convention organized to bring this to become law. 

No one should become a millionaire from being a member of Congress.